One Air Con Company Brings Service to a New Level: It Helps Customers with Their Taxes

Press Releases Online - Thursday, December 15th, 2011 -

The term ‘Air Con’ conjures up expectations of quality products and excellent service, but rarely does it relate to taxation issues. That, however, is exactly what GalxC, UK, does – the air conditioning services it provides are environmentally-friendly and saves taxes.

Hampshire, UK, 2011 – Founded in May 2006 by an air conditioning specialist, GalxC Air Conditioning does more than provide air con solutions. The team commits itself to customer service and ongoing support and advice – with health, safety, preservation and yes, even tax deductions in mind.

The ordinary person’s understanding of the benefits of air con systems extends to images of regulated room temperature and a more comfortable living- and working environment. However, air conditioning systems do more than only that, as GalxC attests. The company explains that aside from improved staff comfort and productivity, a well-regulated air increases the lifespan of stock and equipment, and with air conditioning units that can provide heating, hot water and control of humidity, it creates a better image of the customer’s business for patrons. In the end, this all adds up to saving precious financial resources – making GalxC’s offerings become prime investment opportunities.

Air conditioning systems continue to see breakthroughs in advancement of technology, which benefits the environment greatly. GalxC is at the top of its game and can provide air con systems that consume up to 80% less power than other conventional forms of cooling, due to the use of a highly energy-efficient heat-pump technology. With various controls – allowing flexibility according to the customer’s need – and systems like card keys in rooms, the considerate attitude towards the environment also translates into the savings of money. The added comforts are obvious; through a specific plan tailored to the needs of the specific location and present staff, and by setting goals based on their expectations, GalxC discusses ways to increase comfort and save money.

And still, this company does even more: it advices businesses on how to claim back tax relief through the Government’s ECA (the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme). This programme promotes equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria and helps bring about climate change. The products and services offered by GalxC are an efficient means of helping businesses save on running costs. With technical experts within the GalxC team, the company provides innovative technology comprised of components that are certified ISO9001 and CE-marked, customer service that is friendly and continuous, and financial planning that can save money.

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