WoW Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

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WoW Cataclysm expansion brings in five new levels that are the most hardest that the players have faced in game. Even with a good WoW cataclysm leveling guide it can be made easy.
Cataclysm is also going to introduce two new races – Worgen and Goblin. All this combined with the fact that cataclysm is going to change everything, every level up trick you knew before isn’t going to work anymore.

The new areas and leveling zones that are being introduced for these new races will not be any harder compared to the other races. Even the other races are getting their leveling areas re-done. A cataclysm leveling guide can really help you with this.

Anybody who doesn’t have a good leveling guide, it is going to be tough to level up faster as they will have to learn everything from scratch. They are going to be spending a lot of time researching through the content on the Internet. This would be like those starting days when WoW was new and there were no leveling guides.

Like what are the best leveling zones for current level. What will be the best place to level up? When to get new weapons, which weapons? How to get more gold? There are several such questions that will arise once again, as cataclysm is going to change everything. This is where a good WoW cataclysm guide can make a difference.

A good idea would be to look for top quality WoW cataclysm game guides as they will guide you step by step through campaigns, leveling zones, gold making tips and tricks and lots more. Below is a break down of each major section of the guide and what it offers in detail:

Leveling Guide: A Leveling Guide is offered for the Vashj’ir (Kelp’thar Forest, Shimmering Expanse, and Abyssal Depths), Mount Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum, and Twilight Highlands zones. For each zone, a separate Leveling Guide is available for both the Alliance and Horde factions. Each Leveling Guide is a step-by-step list that directs you, in detail, from the beginning of the zone to the end – covering every single available quest. For an example of how the Leveling Guide looks, please view the link at the bottom.

Profession Guide: A Profession Guide is offered which covers every single Profession available to World of Warcraft, including the secondary professions. Directions are given in order to help you level each Profession from 1 to 525. In addition, all information regarding Recipes and Gathering Hot Spots are provided.

Dungeon and Raid Guide: If you haven’t heard, Blizzard has stepped up its dungeon difficulty with Cataclysm. Provided in the guide are tips and strategies for defeating every boss in every instance and dealing with the trash pulls. Complete loot tables are also provided.

Class Guides: For each class, a detailed guide is offered on both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game for each talent specialization. Tips on stat priority, strategies for PvP’ing, and much more useful information is given.

Achievement Guide: Perhaps one of the best guides available if you’re the Achievement-type, this guide will tell you how to complete every single Cataclysm-related Achievement available. No more having to browse the Internet trying to find information on each Achievement – it’s all here!

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