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Press Releases Online - Friday, November 4th, 2011 -

What is the innovation, the old elements of the new combination. When temporarily to find new combination reference to it.
Nike not so about them in the process of enterprise development of German brand adidas learning and emulated. The market is running shoes to say, Nike confident that the independent research and development of product design is a worthwhile by the German adidas reference.

Nike’s knight and founder of two partnerships would have to carry a "sports, free and easy, Nate claims should regulate behavior in within the system, and thought should be free from the outside management. Nike enterprise like a xanadu, forests lakes, niaoyuhuaxiang, Nate think should be like work at home free.

Especially in the design of the product discussions, you can be reserved in your opinions

MartinLotti is in Miami in the south coast after the holiday, The same Nike first pair of yoga shoes (AirKyoto series) in Japan is also Lotti inspired.

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