How To Make 100 Dollars A Day – 5 Easy Steps

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The other 80% try, but never get started or remain unfocused, hopping from one opportunity to another.

If you want to be successful (just as in real life) you have to practice the ‘Power of One’ approach.
That means focus on one thing at a time, get really good at it… then move on.

I’m sure your curiosity is boiling over right now wondering just how easy it’s gonna be to make $100 a day. After all, I’m pretty sure plenty of so called “Gurus” have already promised you instant riches… right?

So what exactly makes the steps I’m going to give you any different from what you already have? There are really more than five steps to successful Internet Marketing, but for the sake of time, I’m cutting the fluff and giving you the condensed version. But don’t worry… what I’m sharing works!

Ready to go? These are easy, fundamental steps that you should learn and work on every day.

Step 1 in the $100 A Day Income System is this…

Make sure you have a PayPal, ClickBank and a PayDotCom account setup for yourself. That’s most important! That’s how you’re gonna get paid;-)

All are quick and easy to setup. It just takes a little of your time.

Go to for your ClickBank Account.

Go to for your PayPal account.

Go to for your PayDotCom account.

You don’t need a product or service of your own, you really don’t need much of anything.


Before you stop reading this article because you possess an inherent fear of writing, I’ve already made sure you have a way around that, too. You’re simply going to become an expert at speaking your article/review (recording it) and having it transcribed. Having someone transcribe your spoken article, may cost you $6.00 to $10 bucks. That’s all… no more I can’t write excuses, OK?

I know… Your title is the most important part of your article!

Spend 50% of your efforts on the “TITLE” of your article. This is extremely important. If your title isn’t full of benefits for it’s readers, chances are the article won’t even get read… so spend a lot of time on it!

The above point is EXTREMELY important! The title of your article will decide it’s success or failure — plain and simple!

Step 5- And here’s the kicker…

Once you’ve written your article, you are afforded the opportunity to place a small “About The Author” byline at the bottom of each of your articles. Many article publishers use this “ad space” to tell folks a little about themselves and then also place a link back to their website…. just like below.

So… you’re going to use this small ad space to place a brief note about you and leave your website link where they can easily find your affiliate product link. This way, when someone reads your rave review about a particular product, they just might want to learn a little more about it. So, they simply click on the link at the bottom of your article and VIOLA! They are transported through cyberspace and…

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