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Businesses spending more money on telecom, voice, mobile, data and unified communications are often challenged with constant change
Aand are unaware of their actual Telecom expenditures and do not have a process to stream line their activities, reduce cost and how to save lots of time.

An effective solution available to Enterprises is the Telecommunication Expense Management System. A few questions which will make the businesses to think:

How much is your company spending on telecom?

Do you know whether the details submitted belong to your company?

Is it correct and audited?

Most of the times, the answer is not sure or don’t know.

Asentinel, an exceptional Telecommunication Expense Management System marketed and supported by CommSouth in India, helps the organizations to manage and streamline telecom expenditures and to make huge savings in any organization.

“It’s going to be challenging for all businesses and Managers to monitor, track and save cost without implementing a telecommunication expense management system” says Mr.Suchithra Sagar. He further says that with Asentinel’s Telecom Expense Management Solution, companies can get their Telecom Expenses under control and typically save 10% to 30% on their annual Telecom Expenses.

Asentinel addresses highlighted concerns in the following manner:

The software will process the uploaded invoices; audit and cross verify all the call detail records and alert you with the exceptions (billing errors).

The software will provide you with the pre & post approval modes for payment processing after audit.

Asentinel TEM Benefits and Features:
Automatically check if all phone numbers and circuit IDs on the invoice are yours and are active.

Automatically check if the charges on your invoice match your contracted rates.

Send disputes to your service provider on a monthly basis in order to receive credit for over billing.

Automatically split charges per cost center based on the actual spend of each mobile, fixed line and data circuit.

Send reports to managers, allowing visibility over all the expenses they manage.

Time savings
No more time spent to import invoices: all invoices are imported by Asentinel
Automatic cost allocation to cost centers
Reduced time to process invoices:
Auditing highlights charges that need review
Automatically pre-approve invoices that don’t need further review

Reduced risk
Improved control over your expenses by monthly auditing and accurate reporting of the telecom spend. Single repository of all telecom assets.

Cost Savings
Minimize or eliminate over billing by the vendor.
Eliminate paying for assets you no longer need.
Minimize paying for features you do not need.
Minimize paying for personal charges.
Create awareness to top spenders.

Asentinel ROI

Asentinel implementations are faster than best-in-class TEM providers (Aberdeen Group)
Asentinel users save an average of 6-8 percent more than best-in-call TEM providers (Aberdeen Group)
Global Support – Support of all carriers, all currencies, all billing mediums and Multi-language.
“80% of enterprises will overspend on their wireless service costs by an average of 15% through 2014”

An award winning solution – PHONECONTROL, when deployed with a Telecom expense management solution (TEMS) will result in significant savings to any company with huge telecom bills. As another achievement towards PhoneControl, CommSouth has successfully integrated and demonstrated its Phone Control with Microsoft Lync 2010. CommSouth also markets and supports Facilities management software, and act as telecom consultants too..

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