Apple’s iOS 5 and iCloud Features and their Implications for the Future Trends of Mobile OS Platforms

Press Releases Online - Monday, October 31st, 2011 -

On June 6, 2011, Apple unveiled its new iOS 5 mobile platform at the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2011. Other than removing many inconvenience associated with upgrading
Apple also added new features to its iOS 5 and addressed many concerns of previous iPhone buyers regarding iOS mobile platform in a bid to compete head to head with the Google Android OS. In addition, Apple’s iCloud was launched to replace MobileMe
Which was originally cost at US$99 per year. The releases of iOS 5 and iCloud are expected to begin to take their toll on the industry.
This report analyses innovations and new business models of iOS5 and iCloud and the subsequent challenges for iOS competitors and software developers.

Table of Contents:

2.New iOS 5 Features and Their Implications
2.1 Implications for iOS Competitors
2.1.1 Notification Center Helping iOS Keep Pace with Android OS
2.1.2 iMessage to Help Apple Make Inroads into Telecom Business Bridging Apple’s Gap in Telecom Software Providing Seamless Communications across Devices
2.1.3 Newsstand Eroding Market Share of Amazon Kindle
2.1.4 Apple-Twitter Partnership to Prevent Facebook’sdominance of Social Networks
2.2 Implications for Software Developers
2.2.1 Opportunities Generated by Aligning with Apple’s Product Development Plan
3.Insight into iCloud New Business Model
3.1 iCloud Highlighting iOS Features to Other Apple Devices
4.1 iOS Devices Makes Mobile Office into Reality
4.2 Integration Key Focus for Apple, to Drive Demand for Other iOS Devices
4.3 Competition between Apple and Android Intensifying; Higher Entry Barriers for New Incomers

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