Handwriting Therapy Can Have A Powerful Effect On Personality And Achieving Goals

Press Releases Online - Saturday, October 29th, 2011 -

Analysis of handwriting can be a powerful tool for assessing the writer’s personality and approach to life.
It is increasingly being used by top corporations
As an additional tool in analysing potential job applicants to assess how well they might perform, how they might approach challenges and how the might fit into the corporate culture of the organisation.

It can also be used as a start in helping a person to change those aspects of their personality that are not helping them and to analyse what kind of person they are.

However, handwriting is not fixed in a particular style for life and it can be changed.

Handwriting therapy, or Graphotherapy, applied by an expert in the skill can actually help people change both their personal and their professional lives.

Some of India’s best-known companies are calling in the Graphotherapists to help in making changes that will help them improve their corporate performance by helping employees to perfect their approaches and skills.

Delhi-based Graphotherapist Mansee Vashist has worked with some of India’s major corporations and her testimonials area tribute to the some of the powerful results she has achieved.

Find our more from her website: http://handwritinglife.com/

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Vivek Vihar-I,

Mobile Number : 9810471363

Email : mansee.vashist@handwritinglife.com

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