The Beauty of Argan Oil

Press Releases Online - Friday, October 28th, 2011 -

Argan oil is exclusive oil from Morocco that has found its direction to the local beauty source houses and salons. This oil springs from the kernels of the Argan plant that is native to Morocco. These seeds actually come from goats.
Yes, I know, you are thinking hard right now, right? I remember hearing about this several years ago and did not pay too much attention at the time, and at the present it is a great trade in the beauty planet. The goats in fact climb the Argan plants and eat the fruit. When the goat has “passed” the undigested pit, the women pull together the pits and process them. The pits are broken open and the kernels roasted to make the oil that is high in Oleic and Linoleic fatty acids, and dependant upon the process used for extraction, more resilient to oxidation than olive oil.

I read the Argan oil reviews and stay persuaded of the amazing properties of this oil when you use it on your hair. Argan utilized as cooking oil gives a nutty flavor to foods and as a skin lotion, guarantees skin that is softer than when applying lotion, and while not all the hair solutions are pure Argan oil, this wonderful ancient creation is winning the styling market by storm. While reading Argan oil reviews, I found them to be interesting and I see how enthusiastic hair stylists and shoppers alike are over this product. There are lots of Argan oil products existing, and the good news is you will not have to get them in a hair salon, but can go to your neighborhood beauty supply and procure them for home use.

‘One ‘N Only Argan Oil’, one of these products, is simply such a hair product. It gives shine and manageability for tightly curled, spoiled hair, while protecting the color. Other One ‘N Only Argon Oil products are restorative shampoo, moisture repair conditioner, and a restorative Masque for the hair cuticles. The utmost attribute is that you can mix the One ‘N Only Argon Oil right into your hair color, straightener, or relaxer. I think that is a magnificent way to be able to use this creation. The Josie Maran Argan Oil reviews are truly as interesting to read as any I have seen. I was quite impressed with Josie Maran Argan Oil reviews owing to the scores this product acknowledged. What I saw was a positive eight out of ten, and the grounds for the score of eight was they thought the price rather steep. I would be up for the price simply because as it is oil, the amount used would considerably less than a moisturizer. I found that people use the oil for acne, cuticle softener, shiny nails, moisturizer, and as an anti-aging treatment. Argan oil has been around for centuries and at this time that we see what it can do maybe, we will see more uses in the future. I look forward to the benefits that we have yet to discover about this beneficial and multi-faceted product.

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