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This guide will lead you step by step to Follow this guide, you can convert MP4 to almost all popular video formats and get your favorite video file.
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MP4 is short for Moving Picture Expert Group-4. MP4 also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) is a compressed multimedia container format which simply means it can hold both video and audio files in smaller file size without major loss in quality. It is pretty much similar to mp3 except compression is much more complex.

Is definitely a good choice for you to convert MP4 to Video format which includes MP4, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3, M4A, WAV etc.
mp4 to video converter

Click the “add” button, the program will let you browse your hard disc. Add the file you want to convert. Click the play button to preview your excellent video. When your video is playing, you can capture the excellent pictures by clicking the camera icon. It will automatically save your favorite video pictures on your computer as jpeg file. You can find the photos by opening the folder on the right of camera icon.
mp4 to video converter

Click “Trim” icon in the main menu to enter the trim window. Click the start icon to open movie trimming window and do as follows to capture a clip from the selected file:
mp4 to video converter

set start time: You can set starting time by clicking the up and down button in the Set Start Time box and click OK. Or you could click the first icon under the preview window and the start time will be shown in the Set Start Time box automatically.

set end time: You can set ending time by clicking the up and down button in the Set End Time box and click OK. Or you could click the second icon under the preview window and the end time will be shown in the Set End Time box automatically.

After you set the end time, the length of the captured clip will be shown in the selected length box for your reference.

Step three: Set Video Effect

Click to enter the effect window. Our iOrgSoft Video Converter allows you to set brightness, contrast and saturation. You could select the play effect such as: Gray, Emboss or Old films and then adjust it to get the best effect as you need.

There are also other two icons: left-right and up-down. Click the first button, you will find the image changed from right to left. The up-down button is for you to turn over the image and enjoy the funny.

If it is necessary, you may click Reset to cancel the settings.
mp4 to video converter

Step Four: Video Cropping

Click “Crop” in the main menu to go to the crop window. The video you select will be displayed automatically. You may click “Suspend” button to stop it. There are four crop values on the lower left part of the crop window: Up, Down, Left and right. You can set each value to crop your video and the crop frame will move accordingly.

Before you start to crop your video, you can select an output aspect ratio from the Zoom list. There are four choices available: Original, Full screen, 16:9 and 4:3. Click default to cancel the schedule as necessary.

When you finish the cropping, you can see the effect in the previewing window.

Step Five: Video Conversion

Click “Convert” in the main menu and come to the convert window, set video effect:

Video: Set video encoding settings by selecting a resolution, a frame rate, the encoder and a bit rate on the right section.

Audio: Set audio encoding settings by selecting a sample rate, an audio channel, a bit rate, the encoder and an audio volume.

Format: Set an output format for the selected file.

Output:Click the first icon to specify a folder on your computer to save the converted file. You can open the output folder by clicking the Open button.

Convert: When you finish all the necessary settings, you can click the Convert icon at the bottom of the window to start converting the file. Click the Stop button to cancel the process as required. You can view the conversion progress from the progress bar.
mp4 to video converter

Ok, we have already finished the whole process of converting MP4 files to Video. Now, You will experience a new lifestyle. Just Free download and enjoy it.

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