Kevin Stacey Exposes The Top Internet Marketers Strategies To Build High Converting Sales Pages

Press Releases Online - Friday, October 28th, 2011 -

Statistical data has confirmed that the top internet marketers’ sales have continued to increase over the past several years and are showing no signs of stopping.
While the top internet marketers comprise only 3% of all people who engage in online marketing, there are countless thousands who are not privy to the techniques and methods required to sustain an online business let alone thrive. While online businesses continue to struggle during the slowing economy, the top marketers continue to refine their current methods and develop even more advanced methods of driving thousands of targeted leads into their websites and collectively generate millions of dollars in sales on a weekly basis.

It’s no secret among the elite marketers as to the most effective, proven methods to drive sales however the majority of people trying to make money online remain in the dark about the best methods to effectively drive traffic to a website and then convert the lead into a paying customer. There are many methods to do this, but there is only one proven method that works over and over again.

What is a Sales Page?

More than 90% of the sales of the top internet marketers are generated from one source alone. This is done through the use of targeted sales pages. SalesĀ  pages are specially designed, single pages which can be usually be found by clicking through an advertisement that focus on selling only one product or service in a way that the website home page cannot accomplish.

Kevin Stacey, a highly successful internet marketer, has devoted his career to mastering the strategy and technology behind creating extremely high-converting sales pages. Kevin’s sales page have been known to convert at rates up to 5 times higher than normal conversion rates, and instead of keeping these methods strictly to himself, he shows other online business owners the techniques and tools that he uses. One such business owner he helped out was Javier Blanc, a fine watch collector, who praised Kevin in an Ezine article he published entitled “What Is a Sales Page and Why Do You Need One?”

On his blog he explains in simple everyday terms how to create a high-converting sales pages for your website, and gives very detailed breakdowns of various software that can be used to create armies of high converting sales pages so that the business owner can decide the best software to use for their own unique business objectives.

More details on how to create high converting sales pages can be found at Kevin’s website here: What is a You can read Javier Blanc’s praise of Kevin’s methods at Javier’s Ezine Author page here: “What Is.

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