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For example, there are no anti-discrimination laws in effect and employers can request anything from a certain nationality or age group to a certain appearance.
There is also no minimum wage. An employee’s nationality is often a determining factor in the amount of pay offered, with Europeans and Arabs on the higher end of the scale and Asians on the lower end. Because changing jobs in Dubai is not a straightforward process, it is a common (although illegal) practice for some employers to hold employee passports as security against absconding.

An expatriate’s right to live and work in the UAE is tied to their sponsor, in this case the employer. Once a job seeker is hired, an employment contract will be signed. The contract is either fixed term or unlimited term. A fixed term contract means that there is a specified start date and end date. The contract cannot exceed three years, but can be renewed. Unlimited term contracts list a start date but are open-ended. They may be terminated by mutual consent or by either party giving 30 days notice. A new employee may undergo a probationary period of not more than six months. During this time the employee can be dismissed without reason or notice and he or she will not be entitled to any end of service benefits. Contracts may also include a competitive clause which states an employee cannot work for a competitor for up to two years.

Once a contract is signed the employee is legally bound to fulfill it. While laws regarding sponsorship have eased, allowing employees some movement between jobs if certain conditions are fulfilled, it still can be a challenging process. In most cases, in order to transfer to a new job the employee must complete one full year of service at their current position and obtain an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their current employer. The NOC states that the employer releases the employee from any contractual obligations. If an employee’s work permit is cancelled without the NOC, a six month ban will be issued against the employee.

Considering the fact that Dubai is tax free, and allot of multi-national firms have branches there, Dubai has became the target for anyone who is looking for a better paid job.

Below is a list of the high paying jobs in Dubai:

Jobs in the Financial Sector

Due to the fact that Dubai has a booming business, getting a job in the financial sector is a dream for many westerns. people are paid really well for their skills. People from finance backgrounds can find the best jobs in Dubai banks. Most of the multinational banks are coming up with their branches in various parts of UAE and Dubai is one among those.

Jobs in oil and gas sector

Like the rest of the other Arab Countries, Dubai has big investments on Oil industry, This industry always needs such people with junior level of experience, who do not have skilled or educated and these can find good jobs in these industries. People who are highly skilled and educated are very good paid!.

Jobs in the Medical Field

Dubai has done big investments in the Medical Sector, and its considered as one of the best countries in the mid-east in this field. Thus, there are allot of opportunities in the medical Field.

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