How To Import Mp4 Video File To Windows 7 Movie Maker (WMM)

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My new Samsung digital camcorder records in MP4 file format and windows movie maker just wont recognize them. I am at a loss to find a good quick converter and have tried quite a few but they don’t seem to change the mp4 into files i can use for WMM. Any help?”

MP4 codec problem in windows movie maker

One really annoying thing with using digital still cameras for users is that Windows Movie Maker can’t open the source footage. Most cameras record in MPEG-4 format (an .MP4 or .MOV file) and Movie Maker can only work with files that Windows Media Player can open.

Using MPEG-4 Videos in Windows 7 Movie Maker

Windows movie maker only imports video in AVI, WMV (the default video type for all PC Windows computers) or MPG(MPEG-1) format. The solution is called Using MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Converter, it’s easy to convert the MP4 files into AVI that Windows 7 Movie Maker can open. It can do batch operations and it doesn’t re-encode the videos.

MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Converter also lets you convert between general video formats like AVI, WMV, MPG(MPEG-1 and MPEG-2), DV, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, SWF, etc.

Has strong function of editing options, such as movie trimming, video and audio encoder settings, batch conversion and so on.
How to convert MP4 to Windows 7 Movie Maker with MP4 to WMM converter step by step?

Step one: Download MP4 Video Converter
Download, install and run MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Converter.

Step two: Add MP4 files
Click “Add Video” button to load one or multiple MP4 files to convert.

convert/import MP4 file to windows movie maker

Step three: Select proper output format
In the drop down list of profile, select AVI WMV or MPG for windows movie maker

Step four: Do some basic editing.
Click “Clip” “Edit” button for cropping, trimming, adding effects and taking snapshot
editor mp4 file for wmm format

Step five: Start conversion
Click “Start” to convert mp4 to windows movie maker acceptable avi file.

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