Artist Beyonce Is Pregnant.

Press Releases Online - Friday, October 28th, 2011 -

Beyonce interview on the program Sunday Night sparked rampant speculation that really she is not pregnant and which has a prosthesis to fake motherhood.
Frozen images of the interview focused on the first few minutes, while the singer took a seat to begin the interview. People who speculate preoccupied with the moment they say is “down” his belly one minutes as soon as recording started.

It is not at first chance that rumors arise that Beyonce the actual fake baby belly, additionally, the representative of the vocalist said on Tuesday whenever he told ABC News the fact that rumors are “stupid, absurd and false. “

Meanwhile, it does not feel worried Beyonce with rumours. As he told Harpers Bazaar periodical in its November trouble, out next: “I am finally in a stage in my life where I do not care about all the opinions of others to the decisions I make within my life really is delivering to know what I must know what really would make me happy. “

The singer said the lady was pregnant in all of his recent performances, including appearances on the Billboard Music Awards as well as Glastonbury festival. “God blessed us with all the, ” she says associated with herself and her husband’s comments, Jay-Z.

Beyonce is partner of industry giant “since they was 20 years, ” she told the magazine.

“We acquired our time and acquire an unbreakable friendship in advance of marriage but like most great success in lifestyle, marriage requires hard job and sacrifice. It will have to be something that you and your husband want to sincerely, “he adds.

“The best thing about marriage is the amount of growth you get because you cannot hide your insecurities. Is someone telling a person correct your faults and supports you at any given time. If you’re with the proper person comes out the very best version of you. “.

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