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Press Releases Online - Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 -

Pierre’s most up-to-date fights have gone to determination, and have not precisely been barn-burners either. The good news is, the rule applies itself here yet again.
Forget fair expectations for a fight, neglect evaluation and superior judgment and standard frequent sensation. Is usually a GSP fight tedious? Then blame GSP – it’s as very simple as that.

Like when he fights Jake Shields, a guy with elite level BJJ, a reputation as being a grinder, plus a chin able of withstanding a Dan Henderson haymaker. What are the odds GSP is going to finish that person? He possibly is not a tighter BJJ player, and he likely simply cannot punch tougher than Dan freakin’ Henderson. Moyen that with Jake’s rep for slow, plodding fights, and you’ve got what seems to me like a surefire conclusion with your arms.

I’ve just described the standard, rational even though approach. That procedure does not use in this particular circumstance, as it ignores the golden rule: blame GSP.

On 2nd thought, this rule does not create a whole ton of feeling to me. I need a little clarification right here. GSP haters of the world: I flip to you.

Let’s think the worst about him for a instant. Let us presume all the things you haters say about GSP is the gospel reality. Let us think for the second that he’s a mentally weak, pillow-fisted entrance runner that has a shaky set of whiskers and an aversion to chance, and in every fight he’s on the lookout to jab, jab, double-leg to some conclusion win.

I have but two questions:

Why cannot this gentleman be defeat? If his strategy never adjustments, and he has all these evident weaknesses, why can not anyone defeat him? Hell, why in the previous 3 several years – though fighting the toughest list of title challengers of any champion in MMA – has nobody even occur close?

And the 2nd problem: why is each and every monotonous fight entirely his fault? I mean Jake Shields said he was likely to get GSP down and submit him. In the celebration, he did not link on a person one takedown. Why aren’t you guys mad at Jake for becoming so ineffective? Why don’t we detest him for not executing anything at all in that fight besides striving to park his thumb in GSP’s eye socket?

Josh Koscheck said he was gonna knock GSP out. For twenty five minutes, GSP stood right in front of him, and he couldn’t get anything at all likely, even prior to Georges broke his experience. Really do not we hate him for abandoning his wrestling, abandoning his kickboxing, and forgetting to drag the set off?

Dan Hardy knew he was about to fight GSP for months, and that his only chance to win was on the ft. Never we detest him for remaining so inadequate in his defensive wrestling?

For most fans, asking these type of inquiries is equally daunting, and needless. As a substitute, let’s just concur to keep blaming GSP for the apparent motives we’ll never confess to one another: he’s got a amusing accent, our girlfriends would depart us for him, and he genuinely doesn’t need to have or treatment about the assist of hardcore MMA supporters, the bastard.

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