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Press Releases Online - Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 -

More recent case studies have suggested that home invasions accounted for 22% of all documented home security breaches within the previous 12 month period.
Typically the usual law enforcement response times to these break in’s has blown out to well over 30 minutes per call out.

In light of this, particularly during these challenging financial conditions, the costs associated with basic, call-center type alarm system surveillance services are simply not a cost effective decision to be able to manage your current home security needs – especially due to the fact it normally takes so long for local law enforcement to reach you any time break-in’s are stated to authorities.

That being said, in an attempt to help provide prospective buyers a budget friendly and useful choice, a small selection of of experienced security service providers have gone to work – making use of the most up-to-date home security design and technological know-how, in order to provide home security systems that can adjust with the changing tempo regarding household burglaries, and provide a level of safety which has until recently, only been obtainable in the commercial market.

Engineered from the ground up to be a 100 %, do-it-yourself monitoring and security approach – these kinds of home security devices can easily be totally operational in less than 15 min’s, and require absolutely no electrical wires to be yanked from your walls, absolutely no installation licenses in addition to absolutely no tradespeople to install it into your property or home.

Based on trustworthy components in addition to a thorough design and style, the video camera widely used in a variety of these types of devices can include full-color, pan / tilt camera’s, and even include built in microphones and speakers in each unit.

After much study on the issue, the favored leader of this growing market is a firm named uSeeVideo.

The uSeeVideo Home Security System even integrates into most pre-existing home security systems – therefore adding even more versatility directly into your existing setup. In contrast, it can easily function as a secure home security product on it’s very own. The decision is yours.


Definitely. Many of these innovative, cutting-edge monitoring devices have just begun to offer touch screen phone apps which work with most major touch screen phone types – iPhone, ipad tablet, Blackberry etc….), so you’re able to quickly dial into a safeguarded password-activated web-based gateway, and check out the full-color, live online video feed, straight from your camera.

Designed in order to be a subtle, inconspicuous surveillance option for households, each of these devices are created in order to make your expenses low, while allowing you to provide superior quality protection regarding your home.

The rather simple plug’n’play design enables you to be ready to go inside of 15 minutes, and with the system provided by uSeeVideo, each camera has built-in sensors that can be tweaked through a protected, password activated web based portal, to enable you to adjust the sensitivity of each one – so it does not get activated say, every time the household cat or dog walks in front of the lens.

What this means in a real life situation is that if you desire the reassurance with the knowledge that your house is protected, many of these innovative camera systems can help you to find out easily and quickly – and all in high resolution, full color and real-time – all at a cost effective cost, that’s less expensive in comparison to just about all month-to-month call center choices existing in the marketplace presently.

For additional security, selected systems even offer you automatic email notification, informing you that there could be a situation, so you’re able to act as required – the uSeeVideo system also comes with a 10 second, full-color video recording of the event with each e-mail.

Armed with this kind of video information, city law enforcement reaction times are typically right down to the 5 to 7 min mark.

As you might expect, you can find a variety of units being launched into the marketplace at this point, priced for many budgets, and so be sure to do some additional investigation before determining if this innovative technology suits your requirements.

If you like, you can simply visit the uSeeVideo web site at , and see one of their camera’s transmitting a live, realtime, full-color video feed – 24 / 7, and determine if their home security solution may be the best fit for your requirements !

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