How To Be A Skilled Astrologer

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He should be clear in his statement, witty, sincere and cost-free from vices. He really should have no phase-worry.
He must worship Devas (Hindu Gods and Goddess), observe quickly and penance and ought to be conversant with astronomy and astrology. Astrologers should be through with all the Siddhanta (Astrology educational institutions). He should be capable to realize the objections and points of differences”

When an astrologer has thoroughly recognized the mathematical portion and has acquired the principles of astrology his predictions and teachings will never ever fail.

1 who has not understood the spirit of the Shastras, He can’t be named an A
nd he is only a fool whose interpretation if just reverse to the principles expounded by our sages and commits blunders in his calculations. Wonderful ancient Indian Astrologer Varahamihira admits “It is straightforward for anybody to cross a sea if the breeze is favorable. But it is not potential for a man or woman who is not a sage to attain the other shore of the ocean of astrology.”

Astrology-its use and Limitations
Astrology is a highly highly regarded science no other technique of divination is worthy of mention.
If life’s journey can be in comparison to that of crossing a river, the astrologer can be compared to an knowledgeable boatman. The boatman dose not offers him a lifestyle to cross the river by using him in his boat. He only presents him the knowledge, whereby he gains psychological power. Equally, the astrologer by his prediction can give the knowledge of the dim long term.

Suppose a single person complains to the astrologer: “I can not fully grasp why God dose not support me to get married. I am now 35 a long time.

The Astrologer replies, “Sir, you are destined to marry only at the age of 36. Please wait you will have your turn only then. Saturn delays it till you.”

“Thanks extremely a lot .at least you have offered mental solace to me,” he states and proceeds on his training course.

The Astrologer has presented only mental strength. He has not relieved him of his be concerned by providing a lady.

Another may possibly arrive for his problem of the pressure from Financial institution and bankers and says, “it is now unbearable and I now I believe in depression, why I really should not commit suicide? What do you come across in my horoscope? Is there any ray of hope to be free from these worries?

The astrologer says: “You will cost-free from all debts in a yr to occur. You must maintain patience till then and manage. Next 12 months you will be all right. Your finance will enhance so a lot that you will be ready to even lend support to others. You might not imagine me now, but at that time, you will don’t forget astrology.” Astrologer will not give a cheque and give only psychological relief by telling what is in his future in next 12 months.
Expertise of astrology dose offers psychological strength and peace to the anxious and worried man or woman.

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