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Company Name: Bargain Books For Sale
Contact Person: Cheryline Lawson

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – October 17, 2011
In the latest development, Cheryline Lawson, an established and self published author and writer, has announced the launch of her new website, Through newly launched website, Mrs. Lawson will share the latest update about her upcoming books with its visitors, well wishers and fans.

Mrs. Lawson has been writing for more than 10 years and she really loves to impact people’s lives with her writing skills. Her superb research skills offer relevant information to all types of readers. Ms. Lawson has a writing flair and unique style that reflects her intriguing personality. Her commitment to her craft is associated with the passion that she shares with her audience and clients.

Mrs. Lawson has authored and self published various books, which are available on and Some of the famous titles are:

Have your Cake and Burn it Too!
101 Breakthrough Ways to Lose Weight 10 times faster!
Anger Management for Teenagers
Simple Money Making Ideas in an economic downturn
How I got all 9 of Google’s Front Page Spots! (Google Dominator)
How To Create A Homemade Christmas and Incredible Memories!.

Mrs. Lawson is now currently working on “For the Wounded Soul,” which is almost completed, and will be launched during early November, 2011. Other titles that are next in line for completion and publishing are:

What couples should do to stay married!
Your getting older is time to live life to the fullest!

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