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Press Releases Online - Monday, October 24th, 2011 -

Next Human will have already transcended the realm of suffering. But in order to get there, suffering is necessary to force you within.
But part of learning how to love is also discovering how to let others love you — allowing them to take care of you. Many people are uncomfortable with this but I can assure you, it is only their vanity that keeps them in this mind-set. Spiritual maturity includes learning how to receive love as well as learning ways to give love.
Some people feel guilty when others do things to them because they feel self-diminished. This is a symptom of deeper feelings of unworthiness. If you don’t feel worthy of another person’s generosity, then you probably won’t feel right with being forced to depend on them for their help. The spiritual teacher, Neale Donald Walsch recently admitted that because of his pride, he ended up being afraid to ask his father for assistance when he lost his job and became homeless. Neale said that his father would have loved to have helped him but that he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.
We are a species that needs one another. When we were infants and small children, we needed the help of our parents to take care of us, to provide for our shelter, clothe us, bathe us, and give us nourishment. We didn’t know guilt as children until it was taught to us by our parents. And as it was at the start of our lives, it will be the samein the end. When we become too elderly to take care of ourself , we will need to rely upon the assistance of others to aid us. This is simply the natural ebb and flow of life.
When you suffer from a loss, whether it be the loss of a loved one, loss of a spouse through divorce, decrease of income or status from being laid off from work, or loss of a house from foreclosure, your sense of self will alter dramatically. But this sense of self is only an image or perception of who you are planned. It is ultimately an illusion and has nothing to say concerning the real you. That image is fleeting and always changing. Your mind makes it into something real and permanent but it is not. The only thing that is real is the awareness behind the mind, behind that perceived “little me.”
A dissolution of the ego occurs during these times of self-diminishment after a loss or during a recurring illness. In a sense, it is symbolic of the shedding of an egoic carcass that is decaying and no longer needed. It’s really a sign that role-playing, neediness, co-dependency, insecurity, and selfishness are coming to an end. This is the beginning of your higher Self-realization, a transformation from the ego/caterpillar to the soul/butterfly.
This evolutionary leap forward that humanity is experiencing will eventually transcend all forms of suffering in the particular physical, mental, and spiritual sheaths. This is the realm that Jesus called “eternal life” or what the Buddha called “nirvana. ” Form comes and goes. Your ego and your body will ultimately decay and die. But this is necessary before you can merge with your inner Self.

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