Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez, Rage And Love With Their Fans

Press Releases Online - Monday, October 24th, 2011 -

While Justin Bieber raises an unbridled fury for the masses, Selena Gomez prefers a more personal and sweet. The couple understands
And suffers from the fan phenomenon differently with unique consequences.

On the other hand the singer provokes such fury in his fans on his last visit to Argentina, his followers tried to storm the room of his hotel. Justin, 17, raises passions wherever he goes, so much so that during his tour of Latin America has been faced with a crowd of cheering fans who followed her eyes out sold out their concerts.

Justin irrigation aware of the folly involved unleashes his character, defines this experience as on his Twitter: “My fans are hard!”, “I hope they fail to enter my room. This is not good, is epic. LOL” .

On the other hand, more peaceful, your partner, Selena Gomez, in full tour of We Own the Night, promotes a more relaxed and close. To liven up waiting for their Canadian fans, the singer handed out chocolate orange cupcakes to celebrate Halloween.

After handing over 100 cupcakes, the singer appeared in Instagram that kept some for herself. Justin and Selena, both young, successful and close, either on its own motion or force, which one do you prefer?

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