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Targeted Website Traffic from FullTraffic Brings the Exposure Necessary
for Online Success

Looking for targeted website traffic? FullTraffic Advertising Solutions can drive targeted traffic, to increase website exposure among a target audience
Which is necessary for online success.

October 14, 2011. Website traffic is essential for an online business that wants to survive and prosper, because it must have people visiting it on a regular basis. This targeted traffic can come from either advertising or location. “Location, Location, Location” is the first rule of real estate and a major component for success in a brick and mortar business. A website is the online presence of a business, just as a building is the presence of a brick and mortar business.

The Netcraft Web Server Survey reports that as of December 2010 there are approximately 266,848,493 websites on the World Wide Web. For a website to be found among this many websites they must implement strategies so their website will be seen. Even though it seems very confusing as to how to get targeted website traffic, advertising and location are really the only two options available.

The best location for a business website to receive targeted traffic is at the top of the search engine results page for heavily searched keywords in their industry. To accomplish this, a business will need an extensive amount of experience in search engine optimization or they will have to hire a search engine optimization internet marketing specialist. This can cost thousands of dollars for each keyword, plus monthly marketing to continue to rank at the top of the search engine results page.

The other option for website traffic is advertising and many businesses automatically think of PPC (pay per click) as their only option. Because of the cost of each click from PPC advertising, a business that is not experienced with navigating PPC may not see the results they require from this kind of advertising campaign. There are other options available for paid advertising.

June Menard found another option and here is her experience, “We just started using FullTraffic to help us build up our traffic for our new website. Having gone into business for ourselves, the family, only a couple months ago, we knew that a website was crucial to competing in today’s market. After design, we found FullTraffic, and set up a small global package for our site. It was super easy to begin and inexpensive. We are planning to upgrade to a more targeted plan once we get more organized. But right now, getting some traffic has been very helpful, especially since no one can find a website when it is first created. We could not afford the expensive PPC campaigns that big business uses, and that is why these packages were perfect. I cannot wait to see what else FullTraffic can do for us.”

FullTraffic was created six years ago to couple these two options and provide targeted website traffic. FullTraffic realizes having a website is not enough to earn a steady income and having a steady flow of targeted website traffic is required for online success. The FullTraffic team of experienced programmers as well as search engine specialists and designers, have created a professional system to supply targeted traffic for small to medium sized businesses.

Samuel Blackwood of BroadwayWorld says he uses FullTraffic because “After almost twenty five years in business we have seen all sorts of marketing campaigns. What we appreciate most about FullTraffic is the customer service. All their services come with a guarantee. That is something that we consider to be a benefit to our company. Having an opportunity to see how well FullTraffic will work for us, without risking our entire budget is a plus in this day and age. Many companies promise results, FullTraffic has promised and delivered what they have promised. We would give them a 10 for customer service and quality. They also offer easy access to a representative when we have questions. Another bonus is the availability of both Spanish and English speaking customer service representatives. Their phone number is right on the website and we do not have to wait for an e-mail when we need an answer quickly. We would definitely work with FullTraffic again.”

The comprehensive range of services that FullTraffic offers include:

● Global Traffic Packages
● Country and Category Targeted IP Unique Traffic
● Alexa Boosting Packages

Global Traffic packages range from $15 for 10,000 global visitors to $450 for 1,000,000 global visitors. Country and Category Targeted IP Unique Traffic packages start at $57.75 for 5,000 visitors and a business can target global traffic or can select specific countries. Country and Category Targeted IP Unique Traffic packages also allows the business to choose up to 4 categories out of 29 targeted categories, plus a choice of maximum amount of visitors or receive visitors from sites that are showing a performance of at least 35%.

Alexa Boosting packages will guarantee the Alexa ranking for a business website with different ranges available. An Alexa Boosting package can create a high value domain, increase the value of a website, attract advertisers plus raise popularity of the website. FullTraffic will refund all service fees paid if the Alexa ranking of the website does not reach within the range stated in the selected package on the Contract End Date.

Geoffrey N. Olivo of Morgantown’s Corner says, “As a local business owner, I have struggled to figure out how to make people in my area know that I am here. I have owned my business for a few years but as the economy gets worse, so does my business. I needed a way to stir up some customers. I found FullTraffic and was initially very leery of how and if this would actually work. Since nothing else seemed to be working, I decided that it would not hurt to try and that is exactly what I did. I spent the money to advertise on another site and I even saw some of the tracking of views to my site. I would use FullTraffic again.”

FullTraffic has their own ad network containing over 5 million worldwide websites that publish ads. The ads are full page ads that are embedded windows to the publisher website. Visitors have the ability to move through the businesses website as long as they want and then they can return to the publisher’s website by just clicking on “Skip this Ad”.

Businesses can easily create a campaign using the FullTraffic dashboard to focus on the entire network or specific parts of it. When a business chooses the Global Traffic package they will receive worldwide visitors from all of the publisher’s websites that are in the network. When a business requires targeted website traffic, they can choose a Targeted Campaign that will focus their advertising to specific markets or categories.

All a business needs for a full page ad is the URL of their homepage or a landing page, which is a web page that only has information that is intended to compel the visitor to complete the core goal the business is looking for. The business should always have the website visitor’s perspective in mind when creating the web page to be used for the ad because the visitor will not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the business is selling. If the goal is not apparent to the website visitor they will just skip the ad and return to the website they were on.

FullTraffic provides examples of the type of website or landing page a business should use for this type of a campaign. It will be easy to follow this example to create a web page for optimum success.

Donna C. Arnold of Donna’s Jewelry used FullTraffic for her online advertising needs and shares her experience. “I am very happy that I found FullTraffic. I have had my own home-based business for almost twelve years now. I make custom jewelry and I love the fact that FullTraffic has rates that fit even my budget, which is not very big. I have seen a nice increase in the visitors to my website and my jewelry sales are up almost 12%. That is the largest increase that I have seen with any form of internet advertising. It does not sound like a big increase, but for a small business, I am happy with every sale I make. I love the fact that FullTraffic targets my advertising toward the websites that draw my customers. I also like the fact that I do not have to spend a fortune to advertise my product. It is a great combination of price and action and I would definitely use FullTraffic again.”

FullTraffic will display your web page ad on a full page that will take up the whole screen to give the business more space for exposure of their offer. Plus by showing the ad on a full page that takes up the whole screen the web page visitor is not so easily distracted away from the goal of the web page ad. The targeted website traffic will not have to click to see the business web page ad because FullTraffic will have the ad automatically appear during the user’s browsing experience.

The ad creation process is easy and can be created in a matter of minutes by simply uploading the URL of the web page or landing page of the offer. After monitoring the statistics, a business can easily change the landing page URL to optimize the results of the campaign.

Sheng She from China-Wholesale has this to say about FullTraffic, “I have used FullTraffic for almost a year now and I appreciate the world-wide advertising service. Owning a company that sells products to businesses that are located all over the world is not an easy task. Targeting my marketing efforts toward specific areas of the world is even harder. FullTraffic has an option that allows me to advertise in the country that I choose. This means that I do not have my advertising dollars going in a direction that is not helpful for my business. That is a relief for any advertising manager. I appreciate the fact that FullTraffic offers advice for designing a full-page ad. I have been able to simplify my actual advertisement without losing the specifics that I want for my business. Worldwide access and specific target countries have boosted my sales over the past year and I plan to try some of the other FullTraffic marketing plans in the future.”

Another satisfied customer of FullTraffic reviews their experience by saying “We used the targeted option for 25,000 visitors, and since we have using this package, we have noticed our conversion rate move from 0.5% to 3%. This is a huge change and thanks to FullTraffic we have finally after 3 years of hard work started making money from our business!”

FullTraffic will send the business e-mails with relevant updates about the progress of their campaigns and targeted website traffic. The business will receive e-mails confirming that a campaign purchase was completed. Once a campaign has been fully delivered the business will receive an e-mail, or if there is a problem with the destination URL FullTraffic will notify the business with an e-mail.

“I used FullTraffic to help promote my new business. I have a very small company and had no idea how to get my company’s name known. I was able to get a full page ad for a great price, which was helpful since my business hadn’t started making very much money yet. I was able to click on different sites and see my full page ads. The ad had my company’s phone number and e-mail address. With the help of the ads, I was able to get my new business seen and known by many different people. I will definitely use the services of FullTraffic in the future,” reports another satisfied business owner that used FullTraffic for their online advertising campaigns.

All the websites that are in the FullTraffic ad network are inspected and approved then are categorized to match its contents. Unlike other ad networks which allow the publishers to pick the categories which can result in an advertiser’s ad being shown to visitors that are not really targeted. This process of inspection, approval and then choosing a category based upon the contents of the website provides higher quality, more targeted traffic for advertisers.

Larry Styer from says, “Thank you! Great job you did just as you said you would. I would give you 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks”

“I work for a large real estate company in the United States and I used FullTraffic to highlight my services to people in my area. With today’s difficult economic climate, my business had been very slow and I needed help letting people know that I could help them with selling their homes and purchasing a new one. By having my ad appear for a targeted group, I was able to get relevant advertising to people that lived locally. I started seeing results soon after the ads started to run. Now, even though the housing marketing is still in a fragile situation, I had one of my most profitable years to date,” reports Rebecca B. Collins of Chicago Homes.

The homepage of FullTraffic displays the real time statistics of visitors they served that day, the average time that visitors spent in the ads and the number of campaigns completed that day. Visit to view the current daily network statistics.

“Without a doubt, buying website traffic was not my first choice as far as advertising. I really had no idea that you could even purchase this type of service. I designed and advertised my website and products with several well-known search engines. Even though I spent the money, I was not seeing the traffic that I need to make my sales quotas. While searching for new advertising venues, I came across FullTraffic. Their services seemed like just what I needed. I want more visitors to my website and I want to promote my site in a way that allows people who are searching for my products to find me easily. FullTraffic offers just this service. I love the fact that my advertisement is only listed on websites that offer similar services. I would give FullTraffic an 8 for delivering what they promise. I have to admit, I have not seen a giant bump in sales at this time, but I feel that I am finally getting the buzz I was looking for. With so much competition on the internet, it is good to know that my website is getting the traffic I need,” is what Pierre Fremont from the BridalBar has experienced.

FullTraffic also publishes a blog with internet tips that cover a wide variety of topics to help their customers. One of their customers from IcelandVolcano reports, “Although I have used FullTraffic for my advertising needs, what I appreciate most about their product is the helpful tips. I have read the website blog and I have actually gained some really beneficial points and ideas through those posts. It is nice that a company offers information regarding increasing quality back-links to my blog because it makes me feel like they care about me and not just my money.”

FullTraffic has quickly evolved into the most reliable, efficient and professional system providing targeted website visitors for small to medium size business in the industry.

“FullTraffic is the most excellent and reliable promotion facility I have ever used. I have recommended it to many friends and media experts and now I have more friends…” says Leonidas Stergiou,

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